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The MX2 Aircraft
The MX2 (www.MX2aircraft.com) is the latest design in high energy monoplanes. All of the structural components (with the exception of the landing gear and engine mounts) are constructed of carbon fiber. It is very strong and is designed for well in excess of plus or minus 10 G's.

It is also very fast and comfortable for an aerobatic airplane. The engine is a Lycoming IO 540 which is "pumped up" by LYCON to produce in excess of 350 HP.

Engine Lycoming / LYCON IO540 350HP+
Propeller 3 blade MT-Propeller
Empty weight 1307 lbs
Wing span 24 ft
Length 21ft 6in
Cruise speed 190 knots (218mph)
Top speed level flight 210 knots (241mph)
Max speed in dives 230 knots (264mph)
Roll rate Exceeds 400 deg/sec
Range 750 NM (862 miles)